Thanksgiving night I had a dream about an Olan Mills photoshoot. Maybe it was some deep memory that bubbled to the surface, but I woke up on Black Friday thinking we’d create something like an Olan Mills photoshoot gone bad for our Christmas card this year. We hadn’t done a Christmas card in a few years, and the last one we did was just like all the others you see from Shutterfly–a grid with pictures of kids, a picture of the parents, and a nice picture of the family. These kinds of Christmas cards are usually the epitome of the perfect American Dream family life.

Only, our life isn’t like that. It’s chaotic and messy and far from perfect. So I reached out to my longtime friend, photographer Jim McGuire, to see if he could squeeze us in for a photoshoot. He could.

Merry Christmas, everyone.

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And the actual card – Christmas Card Cover 2015


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