Author: Jim Mitchem

I have been losing my hearing for a long time and have fought hard to keep from doing anything about it. Because pride. Today I swallowed that pride.

What Jim does for a living does not look like what you do for a living. Not even close.

There’s a detail in the design of Gone Dogs that will take your breath away.

I am an American. A veteran. An unaffiliated, independent voter. And I’ve had just about enough of the bullshit.

I am the king. I am above all others. My great and unmatched wisdom is a gift to you.

Once upon a time, a group of wealthy men decided to join forces to ensure that their wealth and power would never diminish. They needed a way to control the people who lived below them so that they needn’t worry about revolution.  But their home nation was long ago designated for free people, and free people have desires of their own. And to the wealthy men, any desire by the masses to glean power, and wealth, would lessen their own…