Author: Jim Mitchem

I am moving away from consuming meat. Not for the planet. Not for my health. It’s because I’m a writer.

We saw Barbie in the theaters this summer. I hadn’t planned on it, but am so glad we did.

16 years ago, I saw a puppy running loose on a busy street. So I parked my car and scooped her up. She was a very good girl for a long time.

On August 3, 1991, I was going to end my life when a miracle occurred. I’m still not convinced I deserved the grace, but am certainly grateful for it.

Went to see Oppenheimer yesterday. I was proud of myself for not falling asleep because J. Robert Oppenheimer’s life was a borefest.

Accountability. It’s a concept that isn’t as prevalent as it once was. But I learned at an early age that it’s critical for success in life.