Author: Jim Mitchem

As you storm into 2020 with renewed hope and a thoroughbred’s swagger, just remember this—every person you meet, every person you interact with, every person you pass on the street or sit with on the train carries a heavy load. It doesn’t matter their skin color. Their age. The value of the watch they wear or car they drive. Whether they have a home like yours. Whether they worship or vote like you. It doesn’t matter whether they’re young or…

On January 1, 2000, I pulled a U-Haul into the Colony Apartments across from SouthPark Mall in Charlotte. We were arriving in town after a few chaotic years in Florida, following a couple of intense years in NJ, and were hoping to find balance in our life together as a newly married couple.  The move represented the turning of a leaf. The fact that it occurred on the literal turn of the millennium was not lost on us. In the…

Audacious ideas are different. Daring. Bu when South Dakota launched its anti-meth campaign, mocking ensued.

I have been losing my hearing for a long time and have fought hard to keep from doing anything about it. Because pride. Today I swallowed that pride.

What Jim does for a living does not look like what you do for a living. Not even close.

There’s a detail in the design of Gone Dogs that will take your breath away.