SOREarlier this year when we learned that Paul Green was opening a ‘School of Rock’ in Charlotte my wife and I were hopeful that our eldest daughter’s dream to play the electric guitar might have wings. But because she’s my daughter, I can’t even teach her to play checkers – much less a musical instrument. So I contacted Mr. Green, welcoming him to Charlotte and doing a little more sucking up about his business concept before asking the big question – ‘Do you instruct girls?’ I had to ask because their website doesn’t look to have any pix of females. Then again, maybe there are some – you never know. But the way it presents – the brand appears to be limited to testosterone-driven teenage boys who worship Angus Young.

So I waited a week or two, then inquired again – this time with a cc to someone else at the company. Still nothing. You’d think that at some point Mr. Green would have actually seen the movie based on his business concept, and noticed that there were girls in the class that Jack Black taught. Or maybe he’s never heard of Ann and Nancy Wilson, Evanescence, Dusty Springfield or Kelly Clarkson? The list goes on, obviously. But clearly, Mr. Green has his mind on building his business and opening new schools instead of considering whether girls should be allowed to learn how to play rock and roll.

I can just see it now – trying to tell our 7-year old that instead of a screaming electric guitar, she should probably focus on something more….girly. Like needlepoint. Trust me – this will NOT do. As Ozzy once said, ‘You can’t kill rock and roll…’

Jim Mitchem is a copywriter, father, husband, American and founder of smashcommunications, llc.

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Jim Mitchem

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