From: Jim Mitchem
Sent: Friday, November 14, 2008 3:04 PM
To: Jeff Suthoff
Subject: coffee shop signs or nametags

Let’s make some sign/nametags that we can pull out and hang around our
necks when we go to meet people we don’t know, at coffee shops. I’m
thinking an unobtrusive placard on a simple chain. This way, you don’t
have to look around to see if you make eye contact with someone who
might be looking at you too.

Without Coffee Shop Nametag: When you think you’ve made eye contact you point at the person while raising your brows and mouthing their name. They stand up. You smile and excuse yourself as you pass the latte people at condiments bar. And just as you offer your hand to your ten-thirty, the person you thought you were meeting walks right past you on their way for a refill. You quickly improvise as if to flick a poppy seed off of your knuckle in an effort to make people believe you weren’t just totally dissed just now by a complete stranger. Dude, that’s pain.

With Coffee Shop Nametag: You walk into the shop, put the nametag/sign around your neck and get in line for coffee, go to the bathroom to wash up, or rudely talk on the phone – all the while never worrying for a second whether the person you’re meeting has arrived or not. They’ll find you! It’s quite efficient don’t you think?

Cool-branded nametag neck signs for blind coffee shop meetings = trendy.

Jim Mitchem is a copywriter, father, husband, American and founder of smashcommunications, llc.

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