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Growing a small business during a global pandemic is hard. But not impossible. You just have to be willing to adjust.

In the world of advertising, young people dominate. But how can you know whether they will connect with different target audiences?

I am giving away my books. All of my books. Signed. To five lucky people who participate in my thing.

What Jim does for a living does not look like what you do for a living. Not even close.

There’s a detail in the design of Gone Dogs that will take your breath away.

Every idea starts somewhere. An epiphany. A light. Cosmic tumblers clicking into place. Something.  And when we have these ideas we think through them pretty fast—usually leading to how amazing our idea will be when it’s finally realized!  But there’s a big difference between having a good idea and bringing it to life. I know from experience that most good ideas never get past the idea stage.  Because turning ideas into reality is hard.  Really hard.  A few years ago…