Wow. Thanks for everyone's well-wishes on the brain tumor test. It turns out they were able to tell a great deal from the electrodes stuck to my forehead for 30 minutes. Which is to say, I don't have a tumor on the ear area of the brain. Yippee. However, I'm only 45 and my right ear is down to about 50% audibility versus my left ear. With no traumatic event to attribute this asymmetry, the ENT surgeon may order an MRI to determine once and for all that Iron Maiden and the Scorpions are more responsible for my bum right ear than any tumor. If I never talk about this again here, assume it's the former. 

But a funny thing happened between then and now. I forgot to tell my mom (who lives in Texas) about this test. She found out about it on my Facebook page this weekend while visiting my sister in Louisiana. Mom doesn't have a Facebook, and doesn't really have the internet as she uses dialup and AOL. So here she is checking pictures of our kids on this Facebook thingy, and *gasp* – there I am talking about having to take a test for a brain tumor.  Her shock was clear in her frantic voicemail message. When I assured her that I was going to be fine, I then had to contend with the fact that I told thousands of strangers, but not her. Oh, boy. Happy Mother's Day, Ma. 

Thanks again for your support. If I ever do have a brain tumor, I can't think of nicer people to share it with. ~ Jim


Jim Mitchem is a father, husband, communications consultant and helps run smashcommunications. You can find him on Twitter @smashadv.

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