1) Michael Vick should have a dog. I believe that everyone is capable of change, and everyone deserves second chances. And if there’s one beast in the world with the ability to transform humans, it’s the dog. Vick’s no dummy. I think he knows how badly he fucked up. And I can’t imagine that he is still capable of such heinousness after all the forced therapy, public outrage, etc. I don’t think he ever understood dogs in the first place. He knows a lot more about them now. But he can’t fully understand them until he experiences the love of his own dog. People are capable of moving out of darkness into light. Trust me on that one. Yes, Michael Vick should get a dog. In fact, he should get two or three dogs (not to fight them, you idiot who wants to leave a comment like that) to experience the idea of being part of a pack that instinctively understands and consistently shows honesty, forgiveness, loyalty, and love. Yes, Vick’s a villain. My faith in even the worst person to change is augmented greatly in this instance by a dog’s ability to facilitate this kind of positive transformation.

2) The World Needs WikiLeaks. Remember when President Obama was running and one of his primary themes was transparency? I do. It’s one of the main reasons I voted for him. But alas, he’s fallen victim to the age old game of back-room politics in Washington – where secrets abound. I’m not writing this about Obama, and whether or not he’s been transparent in office (you moron who probably attacked me for the Palin thing last week, so just take your coffee breath someplace else,) I’m talking about transparency in general. The idea of transparency is good. When I first heard about the recent big cable leaks, my first thought was oh shit, now the anarchists have something to stand on. But after thinking about it, why can’t every single governmental dialogue be based on openness and transparency? What is there to hide from the world? More transparency is exactly what human beings need to get along with each other. Our nature is to connect, not destroy. Fear drives a stake between all of us. Sure, you can cite examples of how terrorists might know and use things, but you know what? If we understood each other better to begin with, there’d be no need for terrorism. As far as any leaks about big businesses doing the wrong things to people (and the earth)? Don’t do the wrong things. Simple. Transparency is good. It’s natural. Embrace it.

3) Actually, I just had those two things. Oh, but this is our 5-month-old puppy, Strider. Today he chewed up a rug and then knocked over and unlatched the dog food bin and proceeded to inhale about five pounds of it before I realized what had happened (about 10 seconds). He’s 35 pounds of clumsy and teeth. And he’s an asshole. But we love him anyway. See how that works Vick?



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