Had a dream last night that me and my wife were on a small island. It was nighttime and I was preparing a romantic dinner on a blanket spread out along the shore. The full moon illuminated everything. You could see far out into the water. There were a few other people on the small, treeless spit who were all very friendly and who looked like they were there for similar reasons. Suddenly someone noticed a ripple on the surface of the sea. We dismissed it as the water rushing out from a nearby bay as the tide was coming in. As we watched this phenomenon unfold, the ripple quickly turned into a violent clashing of currents. Before I could move the blanket with our food, a wave slammed into the shore. Then another. People screamed. I looked for Tina and caught sight of her just as a dark wave engulfed the little island and swept us out to sea. 

Then I woke up.



Jim Mitchem


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Jim Mitchem

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