halloween sign

I’ve hung this sign above our candy bowl on the front porch every Halloween since we were able to take our daughters trick-or-treating. And even though the bowl is usually empty when we return home, this year something different happened.

Just like most years, tonight we were out in the hood for about an hour and a half. When we made the final turn home, our street looked like a parking lot. No way we had any candy left. As we approached our house, a few male teenagers wearing hoodies were huddled around our candy bowl. I feared the worst. Were they pranking us for not having any candy? They scurried away as we walked up the drive, but amazingly–there was candy in the bowl. Only, it wasn’t the same candy we put in the bowl when we left.

The kids were actually replacing the candy in the bowl with candy from their own stash so that the next kid had some. Sure, they took the best of what was left, but they also left some. I was shocked. And embarrassed that I expected otherwise.

Maybe I was wrong about people. Or maybe it was just good copywriting.


Jim Mitchem

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