You know that sinking feeling you get just as you hear your dog’s stomach lurch, and you realize you’re too far away to grab him and throw him off of the carpet onto the hardwood? Yeah that. 


If everyone believes that what you can’t see can kill you (cancer, carbon monoxide, radiation, etc.) why doesn’t everyone believe what you can’t see can save you? 

The more that technology advances, the more that being a human is a valuable USP. 

Why do so many people lead with their jobs in their Twitter bios? Are they ashamed of who they really are? Or is Twitter now Linkedin? Or do most people really think that what they do or what they’ve accomplished professionally is the best representation of who they are as a person?

I think most of the time, we tweet so we’re not alone. Flinging the filament. Hoping it catches somewhere. 

I always get Lisa Marie Presley and Chastity Bono mixed up. Well, not anymore. But used to. 

Over the weekend a representative from Duke Energy went on television and said their nuclear plants are foolproof. I thought this was terrifyingly arrogant. We’re just fleas on a dog, here. 

Some of us write for newspapers. Some of us are on-air radio personalities. Some of us are anchors on television. But for most of us, social is the most natural form of media to communicate in. 

I really thought I’d have a monkey as a pet by now. Not just me, but anyone who wanted them. Nice monkeys, not those asshole monkeys like in that bad Dustin Hoffman movie where the monkey bit the guy and started the plague. 

Sadly, I have no idea how nuclear energy works, and can’t wrap my brain around the idea of radiation as it affects humans. I just want to flip the switch on and have light appear. 

We need a SXSE and it needs to be in Asheville. 

I don’t start off every day by hitting my knees because something’s wrong. I do it because something’s right. 

Funny, but you don’t see a lot of looting in Japan. Nor are there gangs of thugs walking around terrifying people. Think about that for a second. 

When you consider how fragile we are as compared with the power of nature, it’s a miracle we’ve come so far as a species. Maybe natural disasters are reminders

I was wrong about Instagram

I’d give up my talent to write for a talent to draw any day. Most people I know (me) don’t like to read. 

We’re so vain. We think we’re actually important to the world. The world laughs at this notion – but it doesn’t matter to us. We’re also ignorant.

Beauty is fleeting. And so life is heartbreaking. A complete and utter tragedy that we endure for beautiful moments. 

Beware the eyes of March. 



Jim Mitchem


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