Seeing the horrifying images coming out of Japan makes us all feel pretty helpless. Yet, we all want to do our part to help them recover from the devastating earthquake, tsunami, volcanos and nuclear meltdown. It almost seems like a movie, it’s so much. But it’s not. It’s people. Suffering. And it moves us all. 

I came across this poster and thought it was solid enough to share. As an ad guy, I love the depth and power of this concept. As a human, it mobilizes me to act.


We all want to do something. I applaud James White for using his talent to create such a beautiful and moving work and for donating all profits from sales of this poster to Japanese relief efforts. Order your copy here. [NOTE: As of this morning, 14 March, the posters are sold out.]

For a comprehensive list of other ways you can help Japan recover, click here


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