It took a couple of weeks, but they're advertising those honorary porecilin plates with Barack Obama's smiling mug from election night. He looks great. I mean, the artwork is really beautiful. But…what's the deal with a plate as an art medium? The coins, I get. No, they're not real coins, but they have Barack's picture and it's kind of presidential looking – so it has some fake-coin collecting merit to it. But, this is a dinner plate that will never see a slab of roast beef with gravy. It's a plate – but it's art. I'd never pull a print down from the wall to use it as a plate, why turn a plate into a framed print? In the ad I saw just now they show the plate proudly displayed at one end of a man's desk. Not a picture of his wife or kids, mind you, but a plate with Barack Obama painted on it. The desk is shiny and uncluttered, but for the pad of paper the man is writing on, and the plate. The man looks over at the plate (as if for inspiration), smiles, nods and goes back to writing. Thanks Barack.

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Some Very Simplified Rules of English Grammer
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