“Jim, you haven’t produced anything marketable in 18 months.” Said the slick-haired blond man with dark-rimmed glasses.

I sat across from him in a chair that was far too comfortable. Rather than engage him at eye level, I continued to sink into the chair. I stood up abruptly so that I could look my agent in the eyes. He leaned back in his chair and pushed his glasses up on his nose. “So what do you say Jim? What’s been in your mind lately?”

“You should know. You follow me on Twitter. It’s hardly any different than what’s been in my mind since the day we met.” I said, referring to that fateful day years before when I was discovered by Andy Godshaw, Literary Agent to the Stars.

Andy got up and walked over to where I now stood near the window. “Jim. Jimmy. You’ve been talking about this thing, this Twitter thing for some time. Do you have a story on it? People love your fiction, it could work. If you can explain it.”

I turned to him. “Are you serious? How can you be as successful as you are now without knowing about social media? Dude, you found me on Twitter.”

He laughed, walked over to a bar in the corner of his office and poured a scotch. “Look, I’ve been in media for two decades. There’s nothing social about it. It’s ruthless. But by the way you’re acting, I can only think you’re either way too deep into a piece and you are living through it somehow, or you need to schedule a session with Doctor Ruffalo.” Dr. Ruffalo being Psychologist to the Stars.

“Really? Are you that out of the loop man? That old?” I spit with a tone.

“Jennie, Jennie come in here please,” Andy called toward the door. Suddenly a girl in her twenties appeared. “Jennie dear, what’s Twitter?”

The girl smiled and shrugged.

“Thanks Jennie.” He said to the girl. Then he turned to me, “You see?”

“Jim, I’m afraid you’re fading. Something’s wrong. Now I don’t know what it is, but I’m going to bet that Dr. Ruffalo can help. I’m emailing you his V-card now. Give him a call so you can get back on track.” He walked over to me. “Your fans want to read you.”

“And you want to capitalize off of them reading me.” I said.

“Well, sure. But the important thing is that you feed them. Everything else will fall into place once that occurs. Just call Dr. Ruffalo. Let’s get this ‘Twitter’ thing all cleared up.”


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