Sunday means finally shaking the scales of the work week and allowing the magic of children to soften me up to what’s really important in life. It’s such a sweet release that on Monday I resent the idea of work and wish that I could stay in the genie’s bottle with the kids.

Mondays are almost always like this. But I trudge on – oftentimes pushed by the energy of people I follow on Twitter. They’re all doing it – I may as well.

By Tuesday I’ve fully accepted that work is good and by Wednesday I’ve got a full head of steam.

On Thursday I’m in love again with the energy that comes from pushing ideas around. Friday is serious – an older business man with bad breath.  

That’s why on Saturday I’m the Tin Man in the Wizard of Oz and my kids are Dorothy. They apply oil to the metal-plated exterior I’ve developed since Tuesday. But things don’t fully loosen up until Sunday. 


Oscar Wilde wrote
The Stepping Off

Jim Mitchem

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