What if there is no cure for cancer? 

What if what we are not supposed to get what we want? 

What if the meaning of life is to simply accept it? 

What if this is as good as it gets for race relations in America?

What if the terrorists are right? 

What if one day they discover that air fresheners caused brain damage? 

What if life as we know it is really hell and we’re destined repeat it until we get some thing right? 

What if we’re not alone? 

What if your mother was wrong? 

What if the Mayans were right?

What if you’re supposed to give up everything you own and dedicate your life to helping others?

What if there’s not someone for everyone?  

What if God is real, pissed and out to prove that the Old Testament was just a pre-season game? 

What if what you think is real is actually a figment of your comatose brain doing its part to keep you alive and hopeful?


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Jim Mitchem

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