I didn’t watch the Super Bowl. Yes, it was intentional. And yes, it was one hell of an experiment (possible post coming) trying to avoid watching anything related to it on Sunday. So, as the result of skipping the big game, I didn’t see the halftime act. I heard it was [yawn] as great as ever.

On Saturday night, my wife and I saw Jimmy Eat World at Amos’ South End. Yes, we stood on the floor for two hours chest-to-back with a thousand other people, but it was a great show. The energy of the quartet was infectious. Every song was a hit. The crowd pulsed. The video below is from the last half of Sweetness, which was the final song of the night.

We hadn’t been to a show like this in a long time. Usually we sit. But there’s something about being amidst so many others who are intimately connected through the energy of the band – that it enhances the experience. Especially with an act as solid as this one. (click here for the setlist)

The Super Bowl should be so lucky as to have relevant musical talent like Jimmy Eat World perform as halftime entertainment. 

This video was shot with an iphone4. I guess it wouldn’t surprise you to know how many phones were held up capturing content during the entire concert. A lot. I remember when they used to print ‘No cameras or recording devices’ on the front of all concert tickets. I like this sharing idea better.


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