A human being thought the bombing through.

If we’re all born innocent and pure, and we all agree that murder is bad, at what point do we give in to evil? I’ll tell you, when we forget to move toward the light. Because the dark side is an easy sell. Lust. Money. Power. These are easy concepts to sell people (trust me, I’m in advertising.) Love, however, takes patience and tolerance. In other words, work.
I once attended a Zig Ziglar seminar where he spoke for a couple hours on how to sell. My biggest takeaway from that seminar was his line, “The little yesses add up to the big yes.” And of course if that’s true, then the opposite is also true. When we fill our minds and hearts with things designed, even at a micro level, to shift us to darkness instead of light, then we’re gathering that darkness in little bits–until it becomes a daunting shadow in the corner of our hearts. And when that happens, well, that’s the point where we give in. We’re human. We’re fallible beasts. Move with light. Fuck the darkness. In every moment.
Awareness is a bitch. Indifference is the devil.
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Jim Mitchem

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