mask_1Over the course of my life I’ve noticed that I tend to think things other people think, but don’t publicly admit that they think. That is, unless I’m talking with them directly. And only then it’s usually a nod, or sometimes a comment on a post. “I get you man. I feel the same way.”That sort of thing. Which makes me wonder whether we all have these crazy ideas festering just below the surface and that our skin is like some kind of darkly-colored Saran Wrap that prevents others from seeing through. Like a facade of tattoos. Or a mask we wear in public. And what if all of these ideas are connected somehow? What a tragedy it would be not to cut open our skin to let these ideas run together to form a glistening pool of truth that connects us more intimately as human beings.

And so I think these things and you nod, but then politely ask me to sit at the edge of the room. Where it’s safer. For everyone.


Jim Mitchem 

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Jim Mitchem

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