There’s a lot that I don’t understand about the idea of religion. I was raised Southern Baptist. We were big Jesus people – the red letters in the bible were always the most important. But I didn’t understand most of it and would ask questions that adults did not have answers for. They’d just say, “That’s how it is.” and “You’ve just got to believe.” and “Because it’s in the bible.” It was confusing. I mean, I believed that God had a son. But if God was the Father, then why couldn’t I have a relationship with Him without going through Jesus? Because the adults told me to? I believe in Jesus. I do. I believe He was God’s son. And I believe He rose from the dead (God can do anything, after all.) But mostly I believe in these things because that’s how I was raised. Although I’ve never understood how worshiping Jesus was the ONLY way to get to heaven. What about people who don’t even know about Jesus? Are they doomed to burn in hell when they die?

It’s like this – when I heard the voice of God in my head 22 years ago, I didn’t stop to ask whether it was Jesus or God talking. I was just completely overwhelmed with a presence of beauty and light that I immediately trusted. I didn’t ask questions. I just went with it. And as a result of me trying to remain humble in the presence of God since that day – my life has continued to change for the better. Except, that’s not really true. My life continues moving along like everyone else’s – it’s how I deal with life that has changed.

I believe in God. I believe He is everywhere. And I believe that He gave every one of us a conscience to make our own decisions – and that every decision we make is an opportunity to embrace love, or fear. To have faith in our hearts, or resort to our limited visions and reference points. To choose to believe, or not. I believe. Though I’m not entirely sure why. I just do. Happy Easter to all my Christian friends. I hope that the meaning of this day overwhelms you with love – and that this feeling stays with you longer than it takes to digest your Easter ham.



Jim Mitchem

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Jim Mitchem

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