This week I’ve been in one of those patterns where I can only focus for 15-minute intervals. Max. I don’t know why, but I just lose focus for no reason. Then I get up, walk around, clean something, play with a dog, whatever. Until just a few months ago, I smoked. Smoking was a great way to get outside for five minutes and take a break when I’d lose focus. Kidding. Smoking is stupid. But really, that’s what I used to do. And this has definitely been one of those weeks when I wished I still smoked. Now I just chew the damn gum. It’s not the same.

So yeah, focus isn’t coming easily this week. It happens. It’s human. It’s not writer’s block. On the contrary, I’m thinking too much. I have too many ideas. Like this one, for example. Ten minutes ago I was writing an HR/Cultural Guide for my company, and now I’m writing this stupid post. Why? Because it’s not the same. It’s either this or opening a new tab and going over to Twitter or Facebook. What a time suck those things are. Especially on deadline. Plus, you can’t focus there either. But you’re happy to tweet the guy who checked in at that place you like and make a recommendation as to what he should get while he’s there.

Dammit, this is ridiculous. I’ve got to go now. Break over.

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Jim Mitchem



The Problem with Perfection

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