So Conan and Jay are dominating the cultural trending topics lately. I don't like either of them but think Conan's the better writer. So for me it's just fun to sit back and watch NBC fumble over themselves. Again. Sure, some people will say that any PR is good PR – but I say bologna. 

In 1957, NBC launched The Tonight Show and Steve Allen was the host. Allen beget Jack Parr who beget Johnny Carson in 1962, and who held the post for the next 30 years. I didn't like Carson. His humor was too 'adult' for my taste. But there was this guy after Carson who was nothing like Carson. Late Night with David Letterman began airing in 1982, when I was 17. He was the anti-Carson and everyone my age loved him. So when Carson left The Tonight Show in '92, everyone assumed Letterman would take over. But Leno did instead. In 1993, Letterman went to CBS and launched The Late Show opposite the NBC slot. Leno did great against Letterman, but was ready to step down in 2009, and that's when Conan O'Brien took over – after 11 years in the slot behind The Tonight Show (just like Letterman.)

Leno had great success against Letterman, and maybe he will again. But if he was ready to step down the first time, and his 10 PM show is sucking wind, what makes NBC think it can plug him back in there and everything will be OK? I understand that everyone in social media loves Conan, whatever. But maybe it's time to give Jimmy Fallon a shot (the guy currently hosting the show in the slot after The Tonight Show)? Or what about Jimmy Kimmel (ABC)? Oh that's right, they're nothing like Leno. 

Bottom line, NBC ain't what it used to be. In fact, there was a time when Saturday Night Live was funny. Really. 

Jim is a father, husband, copywriter and founder of the virtual ad agency smashcommunications, llc. You can find him on Twitter @smashadv 

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