If there’s been one thing that we’ve missed as children playing in the digital sandbox these past few years, it’s a place to put all the stuff we really want. Now we have it in Pinterest.

I want this. I must have that. I want. Want. WANT. Now the whole world can know what it is we want. Because since we can’t actually have most of the things we desire, we’re in a state of perpetual longing – and Pinterest helps fill that void. Now, instead of being known for who we are, what we create, and generally what we stand for as humans, now our disciples, er, followers can know what kind of person we’d RATHER be. Based on the things we don’t have, but that we want.

Pinterest plays on our egos. It’s stone cold brilliant. I thought Twitter was brilliant with its integration of things like follower numbers, lists numbers, etc. (because numbers play on our ego as well), but Pinterest is even better. Mostly because you can tweet links to the stuff you want. And you can send it to Facebook too. Because everyone who follows you around the world in all your social media silos NEEDS to know what kind of person you aspire to be in a fantasy world where you get everything you want. Besides, there are already hundreds of social media guru blog posts on how good Pinterest is for businesses. So it must be a #realthing.

It’s time for dinner. My wife made spaghetti. But I feel like Pad Thai. Maybe I’ll find a good article on the best Pad Thai in the world and pin it. Because it’s what I want.


Jim Mitchem

Those Were The Days
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Jim Mitchem

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