Maybe I’m just oversimplifying, but it seems like what’s going on in DC these days is terribly calculated. House Speaker, Mr. “Get your ass in line,” John Boehner can’t lose. If he forces the President to accept his plan, he wins. If the President vetoes him, he wins. Which is to say that the only way the President wins is if the President gets his way, and the economy blasts off over the next year. Otherwise, and this is a lot more likely to occur, the economy will listlessly meander for another year.

Reports emerged last week of a continued sluggish economy while the prospect for that changing by 2012 are slim. The chaos in Washington regarding our debt ceiling crisis only goes to make our nation look weak in the eyes of the rest of the world, and the rhetoric by Boehner and other leaders only go to polarize the majority of voters in this country. Boehner forced his ‘You’re either with us or against us’ plan for the debt ceiling through the House even though he knew it would die in the Senate. His position? Long term fiscal responsibility, or ‘an end to this crisis.’ Even though American companies like GE don’t pay taxes (though they have huge lobbyist payrolls) ensuring that the people and companies that make the most money here is not a fiscally responsible direction. So, a crisis that has been building for a lot longer than our current president has been in office may result in our nation defaulting for the first time in history. The moral? In America, you must do whatever is necessary to seize power. Even if that means crippling the nation to do it.

He killed Osama. The opposition is way too smart not to find another thing to hang 2012 on. Money is always our priority. In America.


Jim Mitchem

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