I recently changed my Twitter bio. It’s pretty short now, but really is an accurate snapshot of my essence. However, I’m probably doing it wrong by being so essenc-y. And that’s ok. I’ve rarely done it right when it comes to Twitter since I got on here in 2008.

If you look around at the bios of the highly successful people on Twitter (aka the people who tweet business links while they’re sleeping,) you’ll see that you’re supposed to use your bio to talk about your business accomplishments. Which is to say that these people will make you think that the purpose of the 160 character bio is to position yourself as an expert of the medium so that you can build up your follower numbers so that when new people come across you they’ll feel compelled to follow you because so many others have. It’s the classic ‘sheep’ mentality that most business people have programmed into their brains. Besides, everyone knows that a large following is the only way you’ll ever land a book deal. And let’s face it, without a book on social media as part of your portfolio, you’re pretty much a nobody here.

So I recently changed my bio and didn’t anoint myself an expert, guru or cowboy at anything. I didn’t talk about the successful businesses I’ve helped grow both with and without social media. I didn’t talk about the awards I’ve won and, shockingly, avoided calling myself  whipsmart, clever or any other adorning adjective that makes me look like an ass with no self esteem who needs to thrust his idea of himself onto others who have never heard of me before.

Rather, I used a line Stephen King used to describe an antagonistic character in one of his earlier books. Why? Because I like it. And it’s true. No, I’m not going to kill anyone, but when I get right down to it, I am just this hyperactive soul making his way through life’s elaborate labyrinth. I don’t see the value of trying to pack in as many business superlatives into 160 characters when everything someone needs to know about me is right there in my Twitter stream and on my blog.

Sure, I’m not going to land any book deals about social media as the result of my follower numbers or my Twitter bio. But I’m writing a book nonetheless. And I’m sharing my life every day in my social media streams with real people whom I’ve come to love, and who have come to like me despite my (many) flaws.


Jim Mitchem

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Jim Mitchem

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