And so here we are off on brave new directions once again. In 2009 we killed our cable television service for an internet connection and free over-the-air HD TV for local channels. And we’re perfectly fine with it. Now, most of our content, as a family, comes via the internet. And not just Netflix.

About 5 years ago I wanted to listen to MLB games in our car. So we signed on with XM Radio. It was brilliant. The cumbersome dashboard connection with the brick-like receiver worked like a charm. And inside the house I used a boom box to broadcast music and sports in my office.

But for the past two years, every time my quarterly bill comes due, I get an email from Sirius/XM stating that they can’t process payment and that I need to call them. Each time I tell them that this is an ongoing issue and I hope they remedy it. They assure me they have, each time. But not before making me sprint through a gauntlet of telemarketing upsell first. I received my quarterly email from them yesterday. And I’m done.

Ever since my wife and I got the iPhone, I’ve wanted to play music from our phone’s iPod function in the car. But we’ve always had the dashboard mount for the XM receiver and I couldn’t justify change. But after yesterday’s reminder email – I’m done with XM, and am ready to explore the full functionality of the internet for all my audio needs.

Maybe you can help me out. Here is what I’m looking to do:

1) Install an audio component for our phones in the car. Yes, I know that you can get a lighter plug-in and stream music from our iTunes library via radio waves, but I really want total control with the iPhone in the car. Including streaming music (Pandora) and baseball from the MLB app among other audio available on the internet.

2) See if there’s something out there other than Pandora. I like Pandora, but am pretty lazy and don’t get out much to vet things. If there is another service, and does it have an iPhone/iPad app?

3) Replace the boom box in my office. The one I have is proprietary to XM, so it’s basically trash now. Rather than have to use my laptop to steam audio, what other types of hardware do you use to stream music from the internet? Is it contingent on having a device plugged into it, or can it stream via wifi? I don’t think those satellite speakers that you control from iTunes would work, because I’d then be limited to my library again – and I’d rather have full internet audio access.

Hey, thanks for your time.

I included this album cover because, A) I love this song, B) I discovered Against Me via satellite radio, C) the experts say you *have* to have an image in every post and D) the cat head (only) is my next tattoo. Left shoulder. Reversed out in black.


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