I’ve been a copywriter my whole life, but didn’t discover it as a career until I was 32. When I did, I had visions of doing big super bowl ads. 

That never happened. 

But I did end up doing work that I’m quite proud of, and that was extremely effective. Only the big, high-profile work was never meant to be. Yet. That said, I always bring big concepts into every project I work on. 

I’m a big fan of concept. 

Sometimes I’ll see a stand-alone ad or campaign and think—omg I would have come to the same creative solution. Because when you learn to think conceptually, you know what kinds of ideas spring up. 

Back when I was a boy, way before I even knew what a copywriter was, I was a lover of animals and nature. But mostly animals. I drew them. I collected magazines featuring them. I watched Mutual of Omaha’s Wild Kingdom religiously. This love of animals and the natural world has not diminished over time. Sure, the machine of commerce had some effect on my career path, taking me farther away from childish dreams of working with animals, but the love is still there. And it’s deep. 

Fast forward to 2019. I’m a copywriter. I love concept. I love animals. And on Saturday night I came across the best commercial I’ve ever seen. One that affected me deeply, sending chills up my spine. I watched it five times in a row. 

It’s for iPhone. Specifically the camera on one of the new models. No, these aren’t shots by regular people, but the spot demonstrates the quality of the lens. 

The spot is passionate. Powerful. Well-produced (naturally.) And doesn’t contain one human being or a single word.

As of this year I believed Google had the best creative advertising out there. I still believe they do. But after seeing this ad, this rogue beast, Apple has stolen my heart.

This is why I got into advertising. Chills. 

Click here to see the making of this ad.



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