When I got onto Twitter in 2008, it was shiny and fascinating. Yes, I know that many of you have been here longer, and good on ya. You saw the potential. You were right. But the last thing you want to do now is rest on your laurels. You can’t get too comfortable here. Sure, you’re on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter. Hell, you may still be on MySpace. But what’s next? I lived through faxes – Twitter can’t be all there is. At some point we’ll migrate to other places and congregate in new ways. Maybe it’s Quora? Maybe it’s something else that’s out there that we’re currently overlooking? But you can’t seriously think Twitter is all there is to global, realtime networking. It’s cool now, but in five years we’ll probably look at it more as a springboard than a sustaining platform.

Plus, I’m geting a little bored and am ready for a change. Lately it feels like more people care about manipulating the space for commercial gain than engaging in sincere dialogue. Everything’s business. And that’s cool – but when I got here it didn’t feel like the chamber of commerce event that it’s become. 

So what’s next? How will we interact and congregate in five years? Go ahead – predict the future.


Jim Mitchem

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