The other day I put together this list of some of the domain names I own, for a colleague. I thought it might make a fun post. After all, I’m not really doing anything else with them right now. Anyway, this is how my brain works. If this post sucks, my apologies. – Because they are, and I have visual proof. I want to use this as a blog. Sponsors? Probably, if traffic is strong. But I’d not seek to sell space. That’s not my motive. I just think it would be fun. If it made money without a huge time suck, great. If not, great. I think I’d let others upload similar pix of what their own puppies have destroyed. You know, interactive. and – Inspired by Obama’s acceptance speech the night he won the election, brave works both as a noun or verb. Especially as a verb. Huge potential application across a range of markets, audiences and cultures. I can’t even begin to list them. – I currently use this as a forwarder for my own agency, but  would be willing to sell it one day. It’s pretty good. I’m obsessed with the idea of impact. – Like I said, obsessed. I grabbed this one night while dozing off. and – Another one of those ideas that has massive cross-cultural application. From sports drinks and sneakers to the arts and even religion – a command like this is strong. To demand that someone ‘Let something rule’ implies that they have power to do it. And peace and passion are not universal ideas to sneeze at. – I’m reserving this for a future book. – I love this one. Maybe a dojo in Shanghai? I dunno. Obviously there are some edgy applications in this line – skateboard makers, tee shirt brands, etc. I see this as a strong brand ID. I was inspired by Kipling’s Rikki Tikki Tavi. A badass mongoose. and and – I picked these up for the Mayo Clinic one day. Or a retirement village. Or a pharmaceutical company. Or – any place where living life to the fullest, or living instead of dying, are critical elements to the brand or product’s core appeal. 



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