Chance Encounter at 3 A.M. by Red Grooms

Met a dude named Max out here in Ballantyne this morning. 

He was running the track in all orange U of Miami gear. As he went by I said something like, “So you like Miami?” He said yes, and we ended up talking for 15 min. He’s 26. Ethnic New Jersey. Interesting guy. Fast brain. He brought up how crazy people are out here with the idea of “status.” Ended up telling him about my epiphany, and there was an awkward silence as he stared at me before finally saying, “That’s truly amazing, man.” Then we shook hands and parted ways.
So I’ll never see this guy again, but will think of him the next time the Gators play the Canes (2019, Max said). And no doubt something I shared with him will come bubbling up at some point in his life.

That’s how God works, I think.

I love random 15-minute conversations, and then letting go. They’re everything to me.


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