I saw Rush last night in Greensboro. We had great seats. It was the third time I’ve seen the Canadian trio, and they’ve never sounded better. The fact these guys are all pushing 60 gave me hope for being pretty active later in life. Before the intermission, Geddy Lee even joked, “Because we are very old men, we must now take a short intermission.” After the break, they came back and played Moving Pictures in its entirety. Moving Pictures was the soundtrack for my adolescence in the sprawling suburbs of Houston. And while I’m not one to linger in nostalgia (especially music), I thoroughly enjoyed the show last night. 

Obviously, this was the first song back from the break.



Photos courtesy of Bo Hussey (Canon PowerShot SX210 IS) who I sat next to along with Mike McBride and Kevin Robbins. I shot the video with an iPhone4. 


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