I consider myself a God guy. This doesn’t mean I’m perfect. I fail every day. Seriously. Every. Damn. Day.

But, over time, my failures continue to become less destructive to those around me. Progress, not perfection, they say.

As a parent, I’m a shepherd. As a father to daughters, a shepherd with hyper senses. I know firsthand the evil that men think and do with regard to women. The thing about the latest round of lewd Trump statements is that this isn’t exclusive to Trump. Hell, nothing he says is exclusive to him. That’s why what he says resonates with enough people that he’s a breath away from the presidency. People, especially white people, and especially white men, can identify with him. I’d venture to guess that most men have either thought about treating women like submissive pets, or have actually done the things Trump talks about.

As a child of God I bow before no man. As a shepherd it’s my job to ensure that my children are insulated from the vile nature that thrives in weaker men. But the older my daughters become, and the more they physically mature, the less control I have over ensuring that they’re protected against the wild men who consider rape culture to be “okay.”

I swear that if my children, and they’ll aways be my children, are ever abused in this way by a man I will fucking destroy that man and be “okay” with it.

I’m a God guy, but I’m not perfect.



James Mitchem

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Jim Mitchem

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