You know the story, a man in his forties struggling to connect with his teenage daughter as he attempts to balance work and life, and a few other things that are swirling around him. His relationship with his daughter has been suffering for years. It’s been a long time since she was a princess sitting on Santa’s knee wishing for that special doll at Christmas. Now she’s distant, as she traverses the gauntlet of early adulthood. With the media blasting in her face like no generation before it, and you working 60-hour weeks to get your slice of the American Dream.

Then, Pokémon G appears and it jump starts your imagination. In a half-hearted look at the trending game, you find yourself drilling deeper and deeper into the story, the game, and the characters. You ask your daughter in passing whether she’d heard of it. She turns, excitedly. There’s a sparkle in her eyes. The next thing you know you’re off to vast regions of your neighborhood in search of invisible animals that live on your phone. You’re waiting for the Pokéstop to refresh itself, and you throw out a lure. Then, without prompting, your daughter turns to you and says, “Daddy? I love you.” as a billowing cloud of pink and red heart-shaped confetti gently falls around you.

You know this story. Which is why I’m not going to write it. But please, feel free. And don’t forget the headline, “How Pokémon Go Brought Back My Daughter.” Dude, you’ll get a million views.

You’re welcome.
(ps – make her handicapped and you’re gold.)
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Jim Mitchem

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