This Super Bowl was my first Twitter event. I gathered along with thousands of other advertising people to share thoughts on both the game and the advertising between the game. Props to @lisahickey for alerting me to this live event (to view the entire stream, click here.) And while there was a lot of speculation on which ads were best and worst, my top three are listed here. Visit for all of the SB spots.

#1 Hulu – Partly because of Baldwin. Partly because of the art direction. But mostly because of their core concept, "Hulu. An evil plot to destroy the world. Enjoy."

#2 Pedigree – Basically Pedigree has effectively branded themselves with dogs. Brilliant. "Bruno, come back here you bad, bad bird." Great concept, solidly cast and shot.

#3 Doritos – Pure silliness. But resonant silliness.

Jim Mitchem is a father, husband, American, daydreamer and founder of smashcommunications. You can follow Jim on Twitter @smashadv

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