When you stop and think about it, a car is like a land plane. And when you drive, you’re the pilot of that plane. One mistake, and you can take out life. When I was young and stupid, I actually had a DUI. Thank God I was pulled over or else I may have done some serious damage – both to me and, more importantly, to others.  I’ve since cleaned up my act and even though I’m not perfect, I do abide by speed limits in neighborhoods, make full stops at stop signs, and don’t text and drive. Basic stuff that forces me to pay attention to the act of piloting my plane.

But that’s me. You may need to be told a story in order to help you think about driving safely. This post is for you. The first PSA hit a few years back and everyone fell in love with its art direction. And it is beautiful – but the second one, which hit a few days ago out of New Zealand, is better, in my opinion. Imagine stopping time a moment before an accident and trying to talk your way out of it. Or not. Powerful stuff. Powerful enough to linger a little while.

Be careful out there, kids. Wear a seatbelt. Put down the phone. And for God’s sake, don’t drink and drive.


Jim Mitchem


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