Today’s conference championship games between Duke and Florida State, and Michigan State and Ohio State will reveal to the country why a BCS National Championship game that doesn’t involve an SEC team is illegitimate. FSU might destroy Duke (though it wouldn’t surprise me if the Devils make it a contest), and everyone expects OSU to lose to MSU. But the Buckeyes might pull one out. Who knows? Who cares? Both FSU (#1) and OSU (#2) represent the BCS National Championship game on January 6th in Pasadena. And if they get there – it will be an illegitimate game. Any championship game that doesn’t include an SEC team is illegitimate.

Fact: 8 of the last 10 BCS Champions have been from the SEC.

Fact: The last 7 BCS Champions in a row have been SEC teams.

Fact: The SEC is The Show. Every other conference is at best AAA.

Next year’s playoffs can’t get here fast enough. It’s hard to go undefeated in the SEC. We’ve adhered to the ridiculous BCS format long enough. Just don’t complain when 3/4 of the teams in that playoff are from the Southeastern Conference.

Should FSU and OSU both win today, leading to a BCS Championship game between two big conference’s undefeated champions, at least it will be a competitive final match. But if you wanted to see the real college football championship game this year, you had to be watching the Iron Bowl last Saturday. If you missed it, here is one of the greatest endings in college football history – between two great teams.


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