Just when it feels like everything’s going along smoothly, and the universal tumblers are clicking into place, I’m reminded of how hard it is to be a parent. Maybe hard’s not the right word. It’s always hard. But you don’t really notice how hard it is because it’s so amazing and life moves along so fast that all you can really do is hang onto the safety bar and scream. But then something happens and you realize what an awesome fucking responsibility it is to be totally committed to another a human being – helping them become productive members of society, while also helping them find themselves, and be true to themselves.  Unfortunately, this means overcoming some pretty hard things. Things you’ve either forgotten, or never even faced before.

I’m not going to expound on the specifics here, because it’s a family matter and not directly focused on me. Though I will say this – it’s nothing physical. We’re all healthy, and for the most part quite happy. There are universal concepts that every parent fears. Things like teaching your child to drive. Or managing a broken heart. Inevitable things that they put into books. Well, this isn’t one of those things. No, this is an extra special bonus. An unexpected inversion on the roller coaster of life. And right now we’re just doing our best to keep everyone safely strapped in.

Life. Crazy, man.


Jim Mitchem


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Jim Mitchem

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