So life. You crafty little bastard – you snuck up on me. Here I am spinning around and around consuming and creating and connecting and there you are like a river flowing past. Steady. Smooth. Unforgiving.

It’s time. I have a lot of things going on and need to step away from blogging for a while. There is only so much time in a day, and you don’t get any more of it. I love my life and have to make certain sacrifices in order to keep the things I love intact – while also continuing to move forward. So I’m giving up blogging for a while. I fell in love with blogging immediately. Until blogging, I kept digital journals on my hard drive of the kinds of stuff I publish now. Before digital, I wrote these thoughts in pen. On paper. The thing I love about this journal-style writing is that it has an ending.  The big, important stuff doesn’t seem to. And I think that’s why I’ve avoided really giving myself to it all these years. But now it’s time. Giving up the short stuff won’t be easy, though. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember.

Along with blogging, I also intend to cut way back on social media engagement. I’ll keep everything open, mind you. I’m not walking away. Not in the least. In fact, I fully intend to use the amazing power of social media once I get some of the things below in order.  I probably spend close to an hour a day between blogging and social media and I need to put that energy into the big, important stuff. Or else run the risk of watching that river keep flowing past.

Here are the things, other than my family, that sing to me daily and need my attention:

Boxman Studios – Most of you know I helped launch this brand a few years ago (using social media exclusively.) And we’ve done really well since our humble beginnings in 2009, but there’s more work yet to do. More electrical sockets to poke fingers into. I’m really proud of where we are as a company today, and excited about what we’re on the verge of becoming. I feel lucky to work with people who believe in pursuing big ideas.

Minor King – This is my memoir. It includes all the really scary stuff that I’ve never talked about here. Ultimately, it’s a story of hope. I know, it sounds corny. But it’s true. I’ve been writing it for about two years – but not really. Mostly I write and walk away. And then don’t come back for a long time because it’s hard. Hard both in terms of going back there and thinking through those scary things, and also because my wife and I enjoy a beautiful life with a family we’ve made together (an ironic twist in the story of me.) Time is relentless. You have to prioritize – and so far this story hasn’t been a priority. It needs to be, eventually. But even this story isn’t my main priority right now (keep reading.)

The Proper Length – Inspired by my friend Karman Popkin, who insists I have some skill in the short form, TPL will be a self-published book of short essays. Some poetry. Some life stuff. Maybe even a little short fiction – if I can figure out how to logically sell something you can’t neatly fit into a bucket. I’ve written most of the content already (in this blog), it just needs to be vetted and edited. And yes, there will be new content. I’d also love to work with a designer on this project, so if you know anyone who might be interested in teaming up, please pass this along. Anyway, The Proper Length isn’t even my top writing priority right now.

Mystery Project – I’m writing a script for the theater. I can’t elaborate on it, because the concept is too fragile, and easy to steal. But trust me – you’re going to love it. There is even already a producer interested, based on the concept. The thing is though – I’ve never written for the stage before. So I’m stumbling a bit right now. I’m confident, however, that by stepping back from blogging and social media, I’ll be able to focus enough energy to this project so that the story starts flowing out of me. I’ve given myself a deadline of October 15 to complete the first draft. Gulp.

So this is where I’m at and where I’m heading over the next little bit of time. I just wanted you to know in case you wonder why I’m not blogging and tweeting as much. And please, if you see me tweet, don’t say ‘hey, man, I thought you were quitting…’ because A) don’t be a dick, and B) I’ve been on Twitter since 2008 and have friends there who are nowhere else. I’ll likely always peek in on Twitter and know damn well I’m not going to be able to keep my mouth shut when something interesting pops in my head. Besides, this isn’t goodbye. And despite it being uncool, as well as a business model disaster, Facebook is the channel I’ll stay most active in since my dialogue there is more intimate and focuses more on my family. The bottom line is that I’m just not smart enough to fragment what little focus I do have. So there it is.

The way I see it, you’re only allotted so many words in life. And so I need to push some of those words into things that will help me get to the next place in life. Wherever that is – somewhere downstream.

I feel both blessed, and cursed, to be a writer.


Jim Mitchem – I have no idea why I’m using this picture except that it’s topical and recent and the blogging experts say you have to have a picture in every post or people won’t read it – and I didn’t feel like paying for stock.

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