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Needed: WordPress designer for a small project. 

Our client is It’s a small, passionate start-up company that recycles shipping containers for multiple human uses. As the agency of record, we are planning a social media campaign for a big spring rollout of this new concept. 

To learn more about the company, click the link above. If you’re a vulture who thinks that bypassing this vetting process and going directly to the client is a good move – think again. You will be ridiculed and spat upon. No really, the client is hip to this process and happens to have a strong sense of ethics. 

The blog will be an important part of our overall campaign, and we need something that either A) integrates with the existing website as a blog, or B) is a stand alone blog hosted elsewhere. 

I am looking for a wordpress designer because WP seems to be fairly universal across browsers, has the most relevant plugins, and the WP blogs I pay attention to are logical (even fun) to navigate. I don’t have time to be sold on a completely different platform, so if you’re not a WP whiz who can crank out a useful, CSS-based WP boilerplate, you may as well leave. Besides, this is NOT a big ticket project.

Still reading? Good. From what I understand about WP, what we need is a CSS boilerplate that we can build on and develop into a deep, content heavy blog with functionality for event notification, calendar, social integration (w/FB, Twitter, etc.), analytics, mobile uploads, etc. We will also need links or information to basic training on how to manage/grow the blog. 

If you’re still interested, send an email to and include the following: 

  1. One link to one blog you’ve developed that you’re proud of that sounds a little like the kind of thing we’re trying to do here. 
  2. A best-case timeline for design
  3. A ballpark figure for your fee, with any explanations re: wild fluctuation. 

Feel free to hit me up with questions. Oh, and don’t forget – this is not a big ticket project. But I’m convinced that blogs will replace websites soon – so I’d love to find a qualified WP author I can trust. 


Jim – smashcommunications

Note: This blog (the one you’re on now) is typepad. If they knew what I was doing here, they might shut this page down, because frankly – typepad is way too expensive for its limited offering.

Note 2: A lot of people will be responding, so please be patient. I’ll try to answer every email over the next week. Thanks again for your time. 

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My Super Bowl Prediction

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