I haven’t seen all the movies nominated for Academy Awards this year, so the following predictions are based on other stuff.

Best Actress: Meryl Streep, Iron Lady

Sure, there are probably other nominees who are deserving, but you can’t pick against Meryl.

Winner: Streep, Iron Lady

Best Supporting Actress: Octavia Spencer, The Help

Octavia Spencer, The Help. I haven’t seen any of the movies starring the women up for this award, so my thinking is like this – I’m sure that Viola Davis is worthy of the Oscar for Best Actress, but she’s up against Streep – so she’s not going to win. And from what I have heard, Spencer is pretty amazing in this role. So I’m thinking Oscar gives her (and Davis) the award here. But keep an eye out for Bejo.

Winner: Spencer, The Help

Best Actor: Jean Dujardin, The Artist

I’m going with the French guy over Clooney here. I mean come on, have you seen the trailers for this movie? You’ve got to have major charisma to pull off the lead role in a critically acclaimed silent movie in the modern era. I’m sure Clooney is great, and they do love him in Hollywood, but think Benigni in 1997.

Winner: Dujardin, The Artist

Best Supporting Actor: Christopher Plummer, Beginners

I don’t know whether this movie is worth a damn or not, but the fact that Plummer is up for this award means that he gave a really strong performance. But more importantly, he’s never won an Oscar, so I’m thinking the Academy finally gives this award to Captain Von Trapp.

Winner: Plummer, Beginners

Best Director: Martin Scorcese, Hugo

But for Taxi Driver, I am not a fan of Scorcese movies. I don’t know why, but they all seem similar to me. And Hugo was the worst. We took our kids to see it last fall, and while my wife and kids liked it (not loved), I had a hard time staying awake. I didn’t care at all about any of the characters in this movie. That said, Hollywood loves Marty. And they love movies about the movies. He’ll win this even though I think Woody Allen should win – because I actually saw (and loved) Midnight in Paris. If Scorcese doesn’t win, they’ll give it to Hazanavicius for The Artist.

Winner: Hazanavicius, The Artist

Best Picture: The Artist 

This is my lock, and I haven’t even seen it yet. It’s French. It’s beautiful. It stars the Best Actor. And it’s a movie about the Hollywood. Lock.

Winner: The Artist


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