Author: Jim Mitchem

I am giving away my books. All of my books. Signed. To five lucky people who participate in my thing.

Mongoose is the story of a desperate nation that needs a hero. Because remarkable times call for remarkable sacrifice.

As a white boy growing up in the Deep South, racism was all around me. Only we didn’t think of it as racist.

Once upon a time I was skeptical of CBD. Then a friend insist that I try it. The results have been remarkable.

The following is a poem I wrote for my daughters, who are learning firsthand how despite best laid plans, life has an agenda all its own. Just when you have it all figured out just when you’ve got what you want you confidently stride into the batter’s box and are called upon to bunt. For no one has any real control The truth is, it’s all a mirage  Little bits of grandeur  tucked away in our garage.  So if there’s…

We might all have different politics, religions, and skin color, but our Operating Systems are identical. And we have a virus.