Author: Jim Mitchem

The year was 1980. 16-year-old me just moved from Baton Rouge to Houston. Attended my first MLB game in the 8th Wonder of the World – the Houston Astrodome. I was in awe and immediately became an Astros fan. And that year the Astros were pretty damn good. You had Terry Puhl, Cheo Cruz, Cesar Cedeno, JR Richard, Nolan Ryan, etc. etc. I was raised in Braves territory in Jacksonville, but it wasn’t until 16 that I felt like I…

Being a writer is not nearly as sexy as it sounds. Especially with an imagination that can lead you into some very dark places.

Twenty-five. It’s a big number in a person’s life. And when you’ve been married that long, well, it’s pretty cool.

In December 2021, I was diagnosed with cancer that would have killed me in 2022. The only reason they discovered it was softball.

I love the movies. All my life I’ve lived for the smell of a movie theater and sitting in the dark while someone tells me a story for two hours. That said, I almost never agree with the Oscars picks for best picture. So each year I give my rundown on the Best Picture and am usually wrong but I don’t care. I like what I like. And you’ll probably enjoy what I like too.  Best Picture Nominees Belfast –…

I recently met Burt Reynolds at coffee shop where he gave me some sage advice about my upcoming cancer battle.