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You can’t watch a movie these days that isn’t laden with product placement. Whether someone is using an Apple computer (they almost always are), drinking a Coke or fumbling for a Trojan, everything you see in a movie or on television is there for a reason. It’s prime advertising space. Which made me wonder about Toyota when I saw this image this week under the headline, “Rebels in Control in Libya.” Yes, I know a lot of people drive Toyotas…

We didn’t discuss homosexuality in my house growing up. In fact, the first time I even heard the term was because of Jodie Dallas, a gay character played by Billy Crystal on the TV show “Soap.”

Most brands have a long way to go in the trust department for them to show any ROI in Social Media. After all, blasting links to coupons is basically treating this medium like traditional advertising. Trust takes time here.

Think about this – you actually pay to be loyal. Brands wish they could pay you to be loyal, but they can’t. Except when they hire you. Loyalty is a conundrum. This post doesn’t do much to help.

Authenticity = credibility. Credibility = loyalty. Loyalty = influence. And influence is what drives social media. It’s not exactly brain surgery, people.

The best an advertising agency can do to truly develop a brand is to decipher what is real, and then let that be the tip of the communications spear.