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It seems that everyone in the business of advertising is talking about this amazing new discovery called collaboration. Captains of our industry have spun off new collaborative shops and are positioning them as revolutionary, industry-saving concepts. I call total bullshit. Don’t get me wrong – I couldn’t agree more. But my thinking on this goes back about a decade. Only, I don’t have a loud enough voice to matter. And today, not unlike in decades past, if you’re not in…

Brilliant. Better than any of the weird guy who asks rhetorical questions. And way better than anything featuring the lizard. *** Jim Mitchem

Advertising is intended to do one thing – get you to remember something long enough to take action. It’s all about memorability and recall. Make your advertising entertaining, cast and produce it well, and the next time you’re hungry, you’re grabbing a Snickers – because Snickers makes life “Better.” Add this spot to the Betty White Super Bowl effort, and it’s clear that this campaign has legs. *** Jim Mitchem

Today, Burger King put the creepy King on the guillotine. And you cheered. You didn’t like creepy King. You said he was soulless. Plasticky. But that is precisely why I loved him. The best thing about creepy King was that he was consistent. Something that consistent can be placed into any scenario and be made to work. Of course in CP+B‘s case, they also relied on really smart writers and designers, casted and directed perfectly and had enough swagger to make…

The only thing wrong with this spot is that men don’t eat mint. Otherwise, perfect. *** Jim Mitchem

Great commercial.