I’m officially an unaffiliated American voter. I was raised in a conservative Republican household, but married a staunch Democrat, and definitely identify more with liberal thinkers than conservative. It’s not because of dogma, I assure you.

As a result of being more liberal-minded, my friends tend to be more liberal. That’s just how the world works–birds of a feather and all that. Anyway, most of my friends are proud Democrats who are up-in-arms since the election last November.

I love my friends. I do. They share a similar outlook on the world as me–help people who need help, worry less about the accumulation of wealth and power to care for each other, that kind of thing. And most of these people are extremely well-educated from some of the top colleges in the country. I have really smart friends.

But the election, and subsequent Trump presidency, has made something crystal clear–despite their intentions, and their education, most of my friends are just as blind as the other side when it comes to politics.

Since the election, the battle cry I’ve heard most often from Democrats is, “We will never surrender. We will fight to the end!” It’s as though they’re completely ignoring that, despite the popular vote, the other side just won the Presidency and owns both houses of Congress FOR A REASON. And that reason is, that there are people here who don’t share their views on the world and how the United States should move forward.

The following reminder is for my liberal friends:

The biggest problem in this country isn’t Trump. It’s that you seem to think that you’re right and they’re wrong. This is an arrogant outlook that lacks any respect to the FACT that this is a nation with 300 million people, about half of which do not share your views on the world.

Bridge the divide and things will start to work out.

Until then, maybe use this time to become more humble and open-minded.

Two steps forward and two steps back (whichever side you’re on) does not propel our nation into the future.

Oh, and one last thing? You have all fallen for the, “Your enemy is your brother” thing while the 1% continue to pull all the strings. I sincerely don’t understand how more of you don’t see that they’re playing us against each other–because it’s easy.



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