Author: Jim Mitchem

I’ve known some pretty important men in my lifetime. Doctors. Businessmen. Philanthropists. Men of high regard who built lives that most anyone would look at and say, “There’s a successful man.”  My uncle Finley Fox, who I only ever called Junior, died on Friday. I flew in from Charlotte and was blessed to be there when he crossed over. This was his 83rd year alive. And for my own 55, he was always a part of it. Until Friday.  During…

I am white. I am a male. I was born in the United States in the 1960s. I had nothing to do with any of these things. And yet, these things define me.

I never want any more than I need. And I swear to God this makes me feel like an outcast in America.

I love the movies. They’re an escape from a world that at times feels like it only wants to beat you down. Here are my Oscar takes for 2019.

One day in the near future, President Donald Trump will have an encounter with his maker. Only it won’t be like he expects.

You have a job. And that job is where you work. But, unless you’re a writer, how I work probably doesn’t look like work to you.