It’s time to prune the deadwood.

I like Twitter a lot. I like to share, interact, engage, inquire and explore there. I’m convinced that one day we’ll look back at Twitter as the tip of the spear of the Communications Revolution. I follow a diverse range of people there. When there’s time, I can look into my stream and get a snapshot of what’s going on in the world and how the mean feels about it. But lately I do more peeking in than anything. And much of what I see is getting really old. Too many people I’ve followed since ‘08 are deadwood – taking up valuable space in my brain via my eyes without offering me any value whatsoever. People who have never directly engaged me or who have never reciprocated dialogue when engaged. People who share links I don’t care about and seem to only talk to the same few people as though they’re in some exclusive club and that I’m lucky to be standing close enough to hear what they’re saying. So…why are we doing this, again?

Until now my reason for sticking with these people is compassion. That’s right, I said it – when people follow, we feel good. When they leave, we feel bad. I’m not saying it’s high drama, but something happens inside. It’s human nature. So even though I’ve had my cursor hovering over the unfollow button many times, I’ve mostly pulled back as an act of compassion. Not anymore. I’m done with it. People unfollow me in droves every day. I get it and am cool with it. Why? Because following in this intimate space when you don’t give a rat’s ass about the other person is utterly ridiculous.

So if I cut you, no offense. But I’m sure I offer you no value either.

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Why I Stopped Unfollowing People on Twitter.

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