A few weeks ago as we were driving through downtown Charlotte at night, my daughter Cozette (9) said, “I wish I could go to the top of that building at night.” as she gazed wondrously at the Duke Energy Center with its colorful LED lights that runs its vertical length and connects at the top. I immediately took out my phone and DM’d my friend Lisa Hoffmann who works in the Duke building. I explained Cozette’s wish, and we made secret arrangements to take her to the top of the building while downtown was still all lit up for the holidays.

Last night was the night. She had no idea.


Cozette (right) and her sister arriving downtown to ‘walk around and see the lights.’

The elevator up to the top.

Taking the elevator up to the top of the Duke Energy Center building.

View from the top.

The awe-inspiring view from the top.

charlotte lights

Charlotte skyline.

queen of the world

Queen of the World.

me and cozette

Me and the kid.

Thank you, Lisa, for helping make this little wish come true.


Jim Mitchem


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