Nothing is static, except oblivion. If there’s one thing you must come to terms with in your life, it’s that everything changes. Constantly. You included. 

If you’ve got children, whenever you see people you haven’t seen in a while they’ll invariably state, ‘My, how they’ve grown!’ We as parents don’t see it. It happens too gradually. Like the hour hand on a clock. But rest assured, they’re changing. In fact, the physical changes humans undergo during our first 18 or so are more dramatic than any other phase of life. But as parents, we need photographs and video to remind us of this change. We can’t see it. 

Sure, this is an example of physical change – which we can all agree is inevitable. But isn’t all change inevitable? See that immovable rock of a mountain over there? It was once thrust up from the earth when the continents were formed and it continues to be shaped daily by water and wind. Every volcano, earthquake and melting glacier are signs of change. Everything on this planet is a blip on a timeline at best. We’re born, we live, we die. It’s a classic cycle of change. 

Yet, if you’re like most human beings, you fall into lazy routines during your life. Your political affiliation is a prime example of this, but I’m not going there with this post. What I mean by lazy is that while our bodies continue to change, albeit slower than when we were  young, we have a hard time seeing it and so we take less action. 

Except for that magical time when the calendar flips to the new year and we’re forced to accept that we have to write a new four digit number down on the forms we fill out. Why not make major changes to our lives at the same time, right? It’s a solid idea, but if we sincerely embrace change – we don’t need a new calendar year to initiate it. And as we know, most new year’s resolutions fail miserably.

This year, don’t jerk yourself over. Take an honest evaluation of what you want to accomplish over the next year then set reasonable goals and expectations. And if you fail, have a plan for that too. No one expects you to transform from wearing briefs to going commando overnight. It takes time. For most of us, any positive change we induce is good. No, you will never get to the point where you control every outcome of your life because your changes are constantly colliding with the changes in others, and in nature. It’s impossible (borderline maniacal) to think that you have the power to control all of that. You control you. And even so, just barely. The fact you acknowledge that change is inevitable is the first and most important step. Then all you have to do is learn how to let loose your grip. 

Because the the fact is – the world is going to keep on changing whether you’re on board with it or not. Perhaps it’s best to just roll with it and take advantage of what little you do control. 

See you on the other side of December.


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Jim Mitchem


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