My oldest daughter is part of a church youth group. They’ve been building a Habitat House at the church for weeks, and on Sunday they drove a big truck and a bunch of high school kids to John’s Island, SC (near Charleston) to assemble the structure.

This is her and her friends getting ready to leave Charlotte. She’s the one on the left. girls

On Monday they started work, and accomplished a lot.

church grouphammeringhabitat house day one

She even made a new friend.

aggies new friend

After work on Tuesday, the kids got to go to Charleston for dinner. They broke up and went their own way with a rendezvous time for the ride back to John’s Island.

This is where it gets good.

My friend Brian, someone I’ve known via social media for years, lives in Austin. He’s on vacation in Charleston with his family. Thanks to social media, I’d noticed he was in Charleston, but figured no way he’d bump into my daughter–so I didn’t even mention it to him.

Then last night I received a DM from him via Twitter.

brian dm

And in a moment of parenting brilliance, I screen-shotted his message and texted it to my daughter. Along with a note.

Her response is everything.

text to aggie

Here’s to good friends, perfect timing, and the power of social media. It really is a small world out there.



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