For anyone interested, there was a nice piece about AC/DC in the New York Times today. Their lead singer is 61, Angus is in is 50s and they’ve held firm to their belief that they don’t need to sell out to the digital age. Dinosaurs? Maybe. Ballsy? Definitely.

A record 56,000 fans packed Dodger Stadium tonight for game 3 of the NLCS with LA down 2 games to none against Philadelphia. You’d think that after all these years, they’d have had more people at some point. They must have added seats or something.

But this post isn’t about AC/DC. Nor is about the Dodgers. It’s about Apple’s ballsy move to buy media on Fox during the NLCS. It’s a stroke of genius really. Between innings just now,there was a :30 spot featuring an iPhone’s capabilities and benefits for people who love baseball (who were watching this game rather than the football game.) The spot, ‘Game Changer’, features the phone’s functionality for true baseball fans. But what made this spot so amazing is that these playoffs are officially sponsored by (drum roll) Blackberry. There are Blackberry signs throughout the stadiums at both venues which are little more than black posters with white lettering that says, ‘’ The simplicity of this message is spot on. But Apple’s new spot exclusively for baseball fans is one better.

Grand slam.


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