Tomorrow we will vote for a lot of things. Chief among them, the direction of this country for (at least) the near future. While many of us are busy with matters of consequence that consume our thoughts – like paying bills, buying groceries, keeping a job, raising children, managing health care and planning for retirement (or perhaps just planning on how to pay next month’s mortgage) – please take a moment to think about what you’re about to do. Say a prayer. Close your eyes for a  second. Take a deep breath – do something to clear your mind. And then let the truth seep up from within and guide you to making the most important decision of your lifetime.

Whomever you vote for – just remember that more than you and your matters of consequence, that the ones who will be most influenced by your decision are the beautiful young Americans with all the potential in the world. It’s their future – we’re just using what’s left of ours.


Jim Mitchem 

The Right to Bear Arms
Congratulations President Obama

Jim Mitchem

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